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From our earliest days planning Jaunt, we knew we wanted to help support local Chicago and Midwestern small businesses. There are SO many talented artists and artisans in the Chicagoland area, and the prospect of building our business together with local partners seemed like a no-brainer. Plus, staying on the lookout for the coolest products and artwork to carry in the store sounded like a never-ending shopping spree.

While the process hasn't exactly been as carefree as buying a new chair or a new pair of shoes, it has been a blast so far. We have been working since March to identify a variety of home goods, artwork, and accessories that share our focus on natural materials and unique pieces for your home. The process has been pretty straightforward so far:

  1. Come across a product we love
  2. Get to know the supplier
  3. Try it out
  4. Figure out how much we can afford to bring to the store :) 

A key tenet of our business is that we will never offer anything in the store that we wouldn't want for our own home. That's certainly true with our first group of partners; everything from original sculpture and artwork to hand-poured, all natural candles, to the coolest, funkiest ceramics we have ever seen, all arriving in time for our grand opening this Fall! We're placing orders now and are so excited to share these wonderful products - all of which we're enjoying in our own home (ok, I guess the shopping spree comment was kind of true). Like everything else in our store, every piece comes with a great story and a personal journey and we'll share those in the coming weeks as well. We'll share more as we get closer to opening, so stay tuned! 


  • Hi Tory and Mark,
    I want to start off by saying CONGRATULATIONS! I am an Arlington Heights native and having a shop like yours is my absolute dream. My mom and sister stopped in this weekend and immediately called me saying “this place is unlike any other, you would LOVE IT!!” How cool is that. What a tribute to your hard work and eye for design. I can’t wait to see where Jaunt goes. DT Arlington Hts needs a little rustic/locally sourced love. I am contacting you because I am a macrame artist and do large wall hangings with locally sourced/hand spun cotton on things like branches, deer sheds, etc. I would love to speak with you on creating a line specifically for Jaunt. Please reach out to me at the email above if that is something you agree would fit into Jaunt and be loved by the buyers of the Chicago suburbs. Congratulations again!
    Kathryn Korff

    Kathryn Korff
  • Hi Sheila – we’re aiming for a mid/late November opening, which probably means we should be working harder to update the blog! More news coming soon. We hope to see you soon!

  • Are you opening a store in Arlington Heights? If so, when? Looking forward to checking out your furniture!

    Sheila blair

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