About Us

The Jaunt brand centers on discovering and curating the best local makers from around the country and around the globe. We focus on custom furniture builds, local handmade products from each of the 50 states, and vintage finds. We are, and forever will be, a brick and mortar shopping experience filled with hidden gems and awesomeness.

Our Story

Mark and I have spent most of our careers in Information Technology, and we only moved back to my hometown of Arlington Heights after spending nearly two decades in Washington, DC. There, Mark ran the cybersecurity operations for clients like the Executive Office of the President and the Department of Energy, and he is now the CTO of a security services firm. My work in DC centered on public policy, and now I have a consulting company that provides technical writing for federal, state, and local government agencies. We've always talked about doing something a LOT more artistic, and when we came back to Arlington Heights and found very few options for stylish, affordable home decor, we saw our chance.

After spending countless nights salivating over mail order catalogs and window displays for big chain stores largely out of our price range, we decided that we could do better - more creative and dramatic collections, an accessible location, far better prices. Our goal is to take home furnishings and accessories from around the world, work with our favorite local artists and artisans, and bring those goods to our customers with a care and attention to detail that the big chains can't match. Did we also mention that our prices are far better since we don't have their logistics and overhead costs? Since we work with our suppliers directly and bring their goods straight to our store, we can enforce strict quality control standards throughout the production process and eliminate costly middle men. It also means that we can customize almost anything in the store - size, shape, or finish. Just ask!

You won't find anything in our store that we wouldn't put in our own home (except for the toilets!). Come visit and let us show you our finds! And as always, give us your feedback - it's invaluable! 


Tory & Mark